“MFI provided critical strategic planning assistance to TGen as well as Executive Coaching: Great strengths in viewing individual and departmental challenges and helping us plan and execute positive results.”

Janine Tilli, VP of HR, TGen


“The coach I worked with at MFI transformed my career. He was innovative, reliable, and has helped me discover my full potential. He is constantly come up with new ideas and new ways for me to do my job better. He was also always on the forefront of cutting-edge technology.”

Anton Decker, Chief Medical Office, Banner Medical Group


“MFI helped me rally my Finance team at Scottsdale Healthcare to an aligned vision, right at the time I was transitioning from the number two Finance role into the CFO position. 
The MFI consultant helped us identify how we viewed our function's role in a larger organization, and how we might see it evolve over time. 

He was encouraging and yet challenging. Our team felt as though we customized our thoughts, but appreciated a structure he facilitated. 

I highly recommend MFI for this type of work. 
MFI also provided us a coach who served as a support for me at times, again encouraging yet challenging. 

Todd LaPorte,  SFV, CFO, Scottsdale Healthcare


“The MFI coach was not only a highly experienced executive coach, but he is also a very trustworthy and likable person. His warm style and practical advice made him very easy to work with across the organization at such a critical stage of evolution. 

He has an uncanny ability to see through the issues at get at the real heart of the matter almost immediately. He works to acquire and maintain a clear understanding of the nuances of the organization and the various players. He reinforces that at the center of all solutions are the people. 

His involvement with the organization has allowed for significantly improved communications, clear goal setting, accountability, and inclusion across the organization in making this a place we all want to work. He is a person I am always glad to see on my schedule. 

His involvement has made such an important impact through motivating the team toward common goals and improving the team dynamics. This impact and related successes has been acknowledged at the board level. I would strongly encourage anyone who is looking to make the workplace more successful to engage MFI.”

Tess Burleson, COO, TGen


“As a CEO I had the pleasure to work with MFI and my Board of Directors in creating and implementing a formal CEO review process. This process was followed by the actual review. Not only was Dean Newlund a great coach and influence in creating the process, but he was very helpful to me and, I believe, the Board in understanding and communicating the results of the review. He was also a wise confidant whose experience and advice was welcome and appreciated.”

Donald Smith,  CEO, SCF Arizona


“Although he has never written a book on the subject (he should), Dean Newlund has amazing insights into leadership. Despite his expertise on the subject, he has a deft touch, and does not overwhelm. He pushes, hints, and questions -- but ultimately he does what all great coaches do, and allows individuals to grow on their own. 

If you are interested in a brand of leadership which focuses on developing a purpose-driven culture which excites employees and ultimately leads to greater company performance, you will want to talk to Dean (or at a minimum, start reading his blog).”

Michael Gorman, Circulation Director, Arizona Republic


“I enthusiastically endorse MFI to anyone contemplating an engagement with this company for professional services. I brought MFI in to my large international firm in 2001 to develop and present a class for Chief Engineers, on the topic of effective mentoring. This was a greybeard group of very critical thinkers, but all were extremely pleased and impressed with MFI’s input at every level, and all viewed the effort as being of high value. I have maintained a relationship with MFI President, Dean Newlund ever since, mainly within a professional think-tank forum in which we participate. I find myself to be consistently impressed by his wisdom, insight, effectiveness, and that he is consistently a delight to work with. 
If currently looking for professional service of the type MFI offers, I would look no further than MFI”

Brian Cottrell, 
Chief Engineer, Honeywell


“The MFI consultant is an excellent listener and facilitator. He has worked with my team to do personal coaching for several leaders, for teambuilding, and facilitating crafting a vision for the business unit. He is current in his reading of topical material and has creative approaches he brings to the table. We have had great results working with MFI.”

Gary Baker, 
SVP, Scottsdale Healthcare


“MFI is a fantastic service provider. The MFI team is personal, knowledgeable and most importantly great listeners. They take the time to hear the needs of the client and then is very creative and resourceful in getting a solution, which achieves client satisfaction. President Dean Newlund is a high integrity leader who delivers on his commitments and takes great pride in creating value for his clients.”

Jeff Osborne, 
SVP of Accenture


“MFI has first rate executive coaches and facilitators. They have an exceptional ability to get at the heart of the matter. I have found that the consultant I worked with had a creative perspective that helped us reach productive action. He has a wealth of experiences to draw on and freely shares them. He has made a very real difference in my ability to lead and manage. I highly recommended MFI to anyone looking for a breakthrough experience.”

David Overholt, Business Unit Director, Parker Aerospace


“You boiled complicated team issues down into simple learning exercises.”

Intermec Corporation


“Tremendous facilitator. Didn’t lecture – allowed us to work to our own solutions.”



“Very energetic and positive. Asked questions to drill down to the root of the comments being made by the group.”



“Presenter was very good at helping us stay focused on the big picture.”



“Presenter was willing to ask tough questions of the group.”



“Wonderful facilitation skills and knowledge of the program.”

Eddie Bauer


“The MFI style and approach to our engagement was focused and individualized to our specific needs, versus a boilerplate, "one size fits all" method.  The consultant suggested work plans that were based on translating what he heard from executives and our key medical staff and board constituents with his own professional expertise and experience in a very thoughtful, comprehensive manner. During our engagement, he held us accountable to stay on track.  He was particularly helpful to me in giving candid insight and suggestions regarding the overall process and with respect to specific individual team members. “

Tom Sadvary, CEO, Scottsdale Healthcare


“This event really rejuvenated the group.”



“Your program exceeded our expectations! Accountability and ownership is way up, and we are beginning to see some dramatic increases in our overall productivity. We are very proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

Women’s International Pharmacy


“For the first time I have started to believe in the team concept.”

Group Health


“We have a much better understanding of the problems that can occur when the team work process is not very well thought out.”



“I had several light bulb experiences immediately transferable back to the work place.”

Eddie Bauer


“Great ‘Out of the box’ thinking methods.”