Building “Hot Teams” Supports Business Leaders

Before I sat down to write this column I had just finished a coaching session with a newly promoted mid-level manager. Julie started our conversation with “It’s true, it is lonely at the top. With my promotion I enjoy the opportunity to make a greater impact, but now my actions are scrutinized, former peers are now direct reports and I can’t admit I don’t have all the answers.“

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Boomers Realigning Values

Herman Trend Alert: Boomers Realigning Values, November 2, 2011

Being 76.4 million persons strong, the Baby Boom generation is clearly influential to all kinds of markets. A just released study from Civano Living, Ypartnership, and American LIVES reports that Baby Boomer consumerism is giving way to relationship-building. In addition, Boomers are voting with their dollars for companies that reflect the values and lifestyles to which they aspire—great news for some marketers, terrible news for others.

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Corporate Spring is Coming…

Say goodbye to the “information age.” We are now in the new normal or what I think is the age of innovation. For companies to avoid the common “grow, mature, die” life-cycle they will have to reinvent themselves using the principles of yesterday’s “success” model while creating lasting value that taps into what employee, stakeholders and the community view as Significant. Charlie Tombazian and I call this transition “Success to Significance.” This article from Forbes is yet another indication that leaders and organizations cannot wait when it is “all clear” to innovate and reinvent. They must do it now.

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Begin It Now

Part of what will kick start our economy are people like you and me taking bold actions. We should stop waiting for someone else to show us it’s OK to take risks again. Fear is holding back our economy more than polices, politicians, predictions and polls. Be the good you want to see in others. “Whatever you dream you can do—do it now. Committment has power, magic and providence in it. Begin it now.”