What Does Your Greeting Convey?

Urban spires lit up at nightI am struck how countries have their own unique gestures when their people greet one another.

In India, it’s the clasped hands in a prayer position, perhaps wishing spiritual well-being on another. In Korea and Japan, it’s a bow from the waist which might tell others about their humility.

in the US it’s a handshake, mirroring our values around equality (no one is “higher or lower in status” in a handshake) and casual approachability.

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Goodbye Shuttle Program. Now What?

A nation, company, team, family, person without a compelling mission coasts through life, void of passion, creativity, innovation. In this situation, what occupies attention are petty, unimportant, trivial issues. I suspect the rise in tabloid news, drug use, depression, low academic achievement is inversely proportional to a week national and personal sense of purpose. The Shuttle program hasn’t led our national identity for years, but it always reminded us each time we heard of another launch that we are capable of doing truly great things.

Now, without that reminder, what do we turn to? Is it now our job as individuals, families, teams, companies and even as a nation to define our future? To chart our next adventure? To boldly go where no one has gone before?

Changing Expectations

The threat to our current capitalist model is the inability of business leaders to confront the changing expectations of their stakeholders (employee, shareholders, the community) about the role of business is society.

– Umair Hauque, HBR

Employee to Leader

The transition from employee requires giving up what you were good at and adapting new behaviors and skills your not yet good at. It means learn what is, define what can be and coach others to get there.

Cost of Meetings

So what is the cost to business when meetings are ineffective? Results from a recent national survey stated 69% of all meetings are considered unproductive. Factor in the average middle class income and the average number of meetings we sit in on each day, the cost to business for unproductive meetings is $44 per employee per day. That means a company with 200 employees could be losing $2.3 million annually in unproductive meetings. Wow!