Our Mission

Launched in 1992, Mission Facilitators International, Inc. is a boutique management consulting firm that specializes in Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Executive Coaching and Workforce Development.


How do some organizations attract, retain and develop leaders and otherwise organize themselves to outperform their peers and achieve extraordinary results?

The MFI team believes that world class organizations do it by investing the capital, time, and executive oversight to perform certain activities very well:

    • Strategic planning and well-orchestrated action
    • Systematically developing leaders
    • Coaching executives to grow to meet their potential
    • Developing their workforce using 21st century tools and ideas

Our team brings decades of experience, academic credentials, and professional judgment to these core functions.

We approach complex business challenges with a rational framework to drive comprehensive and logical recommendations. Our specific solutions are customized for each engagement, and our style is collaborative and non-arrogant.

We also work to advance understanding of what success looks like in the 21st century. In particular, we do this by surveying target industries, organizing the results of our research, and interpreting the data for our clients. This information offers insight into coping with – and even profiting from – the substantial pace of change that we call The New Normal 2.0.

Great companies design themselves to thrive in the New Normal 2.0. These are our target clients, and helping them change the world is our mission.