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Dean Newlund also writes a monthly column, "Getting Ahead", for the Arizona Republic. View his complete list of articles there.

Communicating to People with Different Styles
Q: Are there different ways to talk to different people to get better results? A: The holidays are great. But let's face it. They can be a time of increased stress caused by a lot of poor communication. Why not use the next 30 days to elevate the quality of each conversation? Try this with Uncle Harry over dinner or your boss in the boardroom: First, determine their personality style and then respond accordingly. Here's how.
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Corporate Sominex - How to Get More From Your Meetings
Q: Our meetings have been called "Corporate Sominex." How can I make our meetings more effective and engaging? A: Meetings have become the bane of business. How many of you have gone to a meeting and left asking yourself: "What was the point of that? Why was I invited? Will any actions take place as a result of this meeting?"
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How Can Baby Boomers and Younger Employees Work Together in Harmony
Q: How can Baby Boomers and younger employees work together in harmony? A: Question stereotypes, share experiences, and leverage each other's strenghts. "Gen X and Gen Y employees don't have a solid work ethic." "Baby Boomers are slow to change." "The younger generation is one of entitlement." "The older generation values money over a quality work environment."
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How Can I Get Team Members to Speak Up
Q: How can I get members of my team to speak up? A: Encourage them to stop assuming how others feel and start owning the interpretations they create.
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How Can My Goals for 2010 Avoid the Mistakes of 2009
Q: How can my goals for 2010 avoid the mistakes of 2009? A: Your business goals probably are set already. But what about your goals for personal development? And what about those goals you set for 2009? Great plans often start with a bang but end with a fizzle. Well-intended people set goals but don't reach them, then wonder what they should have done differently. During my 18 years of experience coaching executives, facilitating strategic planning, and training businesses on leadership, this issue has come up quite a bit. Here are things I've learned from people who consistently follow through on their goals.
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How Do I Build a Team When Everyone is Only Thinking of Herself
Q: How do I build a real team when everyone is thinking only of herself? A: It appears we've entered the age of narcissism, for reasons that include our fear for our own well-being, companies that measure and reward individual instead of team results, a new generations of employees who feel more entitled than their older peers and a U.S. culture that reveres individual success.
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How to Improve Time Management 
Q: How do I improve my time management? A: Remove roadblocks. Increase energy. Focus actions.
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How to Keep Talented People Motivate in Tough Times
Q: What tips or suggestions do you have for keeping highly talented and creative employees motivated and energized during these tough economic times? A: are not alone in asking this question. Across the country, employees are tired of doing more work with fewer resources and little or no recognition. Burnout is the new normal.
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It's Lonely at the Top
Q: If it's lonely at the top, how can I get support as I grow my career? A: Develop a "Hot Team" of people who advise, support, and challenge.
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Starting Strong as a New Leader
Q: How do I start strong as a new leader? A: Learn. Define. Coach.
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The Journey From Success to Significance
...we described how people and organizations are redefining the meaning of success to include three destinations... The blending of these three: "people, profit, and planet" creates a new definition of success that leads to significance and can be measured by our Triple Bottom Line Scorecard™.
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Triple Bottom Line Scorecard
Q: Can we support our people and the planet without sacrificing profit? A: Yes, with a triple bottom-line scorecard.
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Workspace Change Leads to Better Performance
Q: How can we change our work space to generate better performance? A: Create areas that encourage creativity, interaction, and a sense of well-being.
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30 Days to Better Leadership
We all want to become better leaders, because leadership is about making a real difference in the world. We don't want to just manage people, but lead them.
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30 Days to Better Leadership - Week 1
Week 1: Leading Yourself. Before you can lead others, you must lead yourself.
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30 Days to Better Leadership - Week 2
Week 2: Leading Another. Listen and acknowledge others, delegate.
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30 Days to Better Leadership - Week 3
Week 3: Leading a Team. Orient group to organization's mission.
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30 Days to Better Leadership - Week 4
Week 4: Leading Change. Explain benefit of new initiatives.
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