Louis Libin

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Louis Libin is an expert and advisor in the development of mobile communications strategies and implementation. Louis is experienced in media management, including business and strategy development and is the former CTO of NBC Universal.

Louis served as the United States spokesman on mobile and interactive data systems at the UN in Geneva. Additionally, Libin advises in the telecom, software and communications industries and at mobile regulatory agencies including the FCC and its international counterparts, as well as other government agencies.

Libin founded Broad Comm, Inc., a technology consulting group that advises clients and separately, develops new mobile technologies. Clients include: General Electric, NBC, ABC, CBS, Turner, Olympic Committees, equipment manufacturers, and a myriad of media start-ups. Libin also advises the US State Department on media projects, NASA, the NFL, Super Bowl, the NBA, the PGA, the USTA and the USGA. Libin was the lead consult for the first AOL IPTV set-top box.

Libin is the mobile coordinator for the New York region and is on the board member of many high technology companies, as well as a children’s care organization and is President of the International Board of the Jerusalem College of Technology.

In 2003 Louis won the Nassau County, NY “Make A Difference” Award, for his work with foster and adoptive children. Mr. Libin and his wife Suzy were honored by New York City as Foster Parents of The Year and they continue in charitable work with special needs children.



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