The Transformational Story of Purposeful Leadership

Some seek it, like a calling. For others, it comes to them as a duty. For all of us, having a purpose in our lives is a universal human desire.

The modern day vacation has become our segmented effort to self-reflect and renew. To many, our vacation checklists include: unwind from work, sleep, have some fun, spend time with people we love, have an adventure, find ourselves again, and come up with a plan for implementing our newfound energy and focus back in the real world of work. As we do to ourselves, we place unrealistic expectations on what our vacations can deliver. The effort to find or rediscover one’s purpose on the beaches of Maui or at a campground in Yosemite is time well spent. The issue is we don’t place the same attention to purpose during the other 50 weeks of the year, and in particular, certainly not at work.

Most leaders only spend time defining purpose for their teams and organizations while missing the purpose of the individual all together. Yet, positive results are still achieved.
Three studies illustrate that point:

  • According to Deloitte’s 2013 Core Beliefs and Culture Survey, 91 percent of employees
    who believe the company has a strong sense of purpose also say that the company has
    a long history of growth.
  • A Gallup employee survey reported direct correlation between how valued employees
    feel, based on the organization’s mission, and employee retention.
  • Customers will stick around if employees do too, according to a survey by Cvent.

However, we found that when transformation starts with the individual and works its way through the team to the organization, an authentic learning culture takes over.

The process for leadership transformation is based on the premise that leaders can discover and live their purpose through the progression of work. They shouldn’t need to take a vacation in hopes to suddenly think, “Eureka! I’ve discovered my purpose!” Instead, leaders need the time and reflection at work and with work to transform—to discover and put into action their core purpose.
Leaders today hunger for this meaning; however, it doesn’t actually occur without:

  • hard work
  • training and transformation guidance
  • support from a mentor or coach.

The following white paper discusses profound trends, provides a framework, and discusses the master disciplines needed to thrive during this historic time of change.

Download the complete The Transformational Story of Purposeful Leadership white paper.