Why transform?

IMG_6672As I approach Salt Lake, I ask myself a basic question: why transform?

I’ve got plenty to do, I’m overall very happy, and my career has the right amount of challenge and fun. Why transform when “here” looks pretty good? Transformation can be stressful and require a tremendous amount of energy. Why would I want to subject myself to discomfort?

As I walk through the Salt Lake City airport awaiting my next flight, it becomes apparent to me that transformation that is intentional or what I’m I calling “Purposeful Transformation,” puts me in the driver’s seat. Yes, I can transform because my environment requires it by pushing me to respond to some external influence. This type of transformation is out of necessity. We are all about the doing, not about the design. We are asleep to the lessons of our personal growth.

I don’t know about you, but I would like to design my transformation. I would like to be in the driver’s seat of where I’m going. I’d like to visualize what my transformation looks like and use my focus and attention toward gathering the energy and resources to get there. I would rather design my future versus settle for what shows up.

Why transform?  Because choosing to, I design my future.


Dean Newlund

Dean Newlund, president of MFI, is an organizational development expert and has worked on organizational re-design projects, training program development and delivery, and executive personal coaching. He has coached over 250 business leaders, developed and delivered teambuilding and leadership development programs, facilitated strategic planning meetings and is the past President of ASTD in Phoenix. Dean is a Master Certified Coach candidate. He has authored several articles on leadership and spoken to audiences all over the country. Dean also facilitates business acumen courses for international clients. He lives with his wife Joanne and son Taylor just outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

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